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3 Free!!! Staging Tips for Selling a Home

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hi there, it’s DeElla with Hoberg Homes. If you haven’t met me yet I am a residential real estate specialist in the North Metro area of Atlanta. Let’s get started today with some real talk on real estate and 3 absolutely free staging tips you can use when selling your home.

Tip #1

Remove busy decorations. If you have fake or dried floral arrangements, they absolutely must go! Even if you think they are beautiful and you and your Aunt Sue took a flower arranging class, they will not make your home more appealing to buyers. In fact, they are extremely distracting. When buyers come into the home, they want to see how they would live in the home. Too many decorations that match your personal style make it hard for buyers to see how their stuff will look in the house.

Tip #2

Take down heavy draperies or out dated window treatments. When I tell clients to do this, or even when my professional stager tells clients to do this, we get push back! I get it, those fancy drapes were custom made and they cost a fortune. The problem is that they often darken the room (duh they are curtains) and they make the home look dated. Now, in our Pinterest and HGTV world, it is easy to see what is on trend. Light and bright is what new home buyers want. You don’t even need to replace the curtains when you are selling your home. Simply take down the heavy drapes and patch the wall. Let your windows show off how light and bright your home truly is.

Tip #3

Remove unnecessary furniture to open up the space. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a home and found rooms packed to the brim. So much furniture that you can’t comfortably walk around the space. Even if the furniture is a set, if the buyer can’t get around it, they will be turned off. What we want is for the buyer to notice how spacious a room is and how they could see themselves and their furniture in the space. Too much furniture makes a space seem small and cramped. This leads the buyer to think it would not be big enough to fit their needs. I have seen this staging mistake even in huge, expensive homes. The good news is it is absolutely free to remove a piece of furniture to improve the flow of your room.

I hope these top 3 FREE staging tips will help you when you are preparing your home for sale.

Want more home staging ideas? Go HERE to get your free home staging guide. If you need more information or help with preparing your home for sale, please get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.

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