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Early Summer Gardening Checklist for Metro Atlanta

Spring in the Atlanta area is gorgeous! Vibrant blooms on trees, bushes and beds everywhere you look. Now that we are transitioning into summer, and spring blooms are fading, it is time to get outside and get to work in our gardens. These are the top six things you can do to make your summer garden shine!

1.Weed and then weed some more!

In this easy growing climate weeds are a constant battle. Weed when the weeding is good! get those little buggers while they are small and after a rain when the ground is moist. Also try not to disturb the ground too much when weeding or planting as it can activate dormant weed seeds.

2. Add mulch.

Mulch not only beautifies your beds it helps keep moisture in and weeds out. For best results go for 2-3 inches of mulch. When mulch goes on sale at the big box stores, that is a good indication that it is time to refresh your mulch.

3. Keep on top of watering.

While we have had the blessing of rain in the spring, summer temperatures can dry out planters and beds quickly. To save on water and avoid watering what you don't need to water, consider getting a soaker hose and putting it on a timer. Save water, save your plants and have it all automatically done!

4. Manage the pests.

After investing time, love, and effort in the garden, there’s nothing more disheartening than coming out one day to see your plants under attack by pests.

Solutions include picking pests off, spraying natural or chemical sprays to dissuade bugs, or introducing natural predators to the garden to help keep populations in control.

Also recommend is planting native species to help keep your garden in balance with nature.

5. Get summer plants in the ground.

Now is the time to swap pansies and violas for summer annuals. Before it gets too sweltering out, plant bulbs for summer and fall blooms. Day Lillies are a particular favorite in this area.

6. Edge the beds.

Ho a crisp edge along beds to help keep the mulch in and your beds looking stunning.

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