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Selling a Home that Failed To Sell Series- Part 10-Turn a negative into a positive

Let’s talk about spinning a negative into a positive. Face it, no house is perfect, and a perceived negative can take a toll on the sale of a property.

Fortunately, that negative can often be turned into a positive. Consider this example.

You are selling a home in a neighborhood that was built ten years ago. While the house is in great shape and the location is good, all around the neighborhood is new construction. You put the house on the market at a competitive price, below what the new construction is selling for, and yet buyer after buyer chooses the new construction instead of your home.

In this case, the age of your home is the perceived negative. Even though the houses are roughly the same and yours is priced several thousand dollars below the new construction. The buyers continue to go for the new, because it has a higher perceived value. Even though, in ten years- the difference between a ten-year-old house and a twenty-year-old house won’t make a monetary difference.

The strategy is to show them what they are missing by choosing new construction over your ten-year-old home. You can educate the buyers and get them interested in your home. Basically, you are turning the negative into one of your unique selling features!

Reframing your “negative” into your unique selling feature, in this example, could include:

· Focusing on your quiet, peaceful neighborhood vs. the hectic construction traffic they will have to endure in new construction.

· Focus on the size of the lot-yours may be double the postage stamp size of the new construction home.

· Highlight the mature trees and landscaping that puts the new construction’s clear-cut area and baby trees to shame.

· Show off all the little things you have put into your home that are not included in the new construction, like towel bars, blinds, security system etc.

This is just one example of how to turn your “negative” into a unique selling feature. Once you reframe, you have the opportunity to advertise and highlight this aspect of your home. Ultimately, finding interested buyers who are motivated to look and bid on your home.

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