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Selling a Home that Failed To Sell Series- Part 12-Dirt is Dollars!

As a real estate investor, my favorite thing is a dirty house! If it smells bad and is grimy, I get really excited! Why? Because I know that I can buy the property with less money and the competition to buy the house will also be less.

When we want to get top dollar for our home sale, cleaning can make or break the sale or lead to less money and a longer time on the market.


As you prepare your home for sale, this is the first place to start. Remember, you will be packing up for your move anyway, so decluttering helps you with the sale as well as the move.

When decluttering, your goal should be to remove 50% of the stuff in the house.

· Sort through belongings

· Donate, sell or throw out anything that will not make the move to the new house

· Pack seldom used items such as out of season clothes, keepsakes, holiday décor and other memorabilia

· Store excess items off site if possible

Once you have decluttered, it is time to make your home sparkle.


Cleaning is one of the least expensive, highest impact things you can do to get your home sold for more money in the least amount of time. Remember, a messy house is a red flag for many buyers, who’ll suspect repair problems lurking beneath the dirt. A spotless home sends the unspoken signal that yours is a well-maintained property.

Spotless is the name of the game! Your goal is to scrub every part of your home! Here is a list of some of the top things to clean:

Throughout the house:

· Clean dusty vents and ceiling fan blades.

· Clean windows inside and out as well as sills.

· Clean all lamp shades and light fixtures- replace any burnt out bulbs.

· Wipe down walls, baseboards and trim work.

· Wash out all trash cans inside and out.


· Shine sink and scrub drain area (can be source of odors).

· All dishes cleaned and put away.

· Scrub stove top, burners and hood.

· De-clutter countertops and wipe clean- check grout and repair if needed.

· Wipe down appliances and cabinet/drawer faces.

· Clean refrigerator and freezer inside and out, don’t forget the vent.

· Deep clean oven and microwave.


· Put away laundry- make sure the closet is not overflowing.

· Rotate clean bedding and sheets.

· Make your bed.


· Remove mold and stains from shower.

· Deodorize and sanitize toilet area- replace seat if necessary.

· Put away personal care items.

· Empty wastebasket and make sure they are clean.

· Fold and put away towels- only display new, fluffy towels.


· Put away and organize documents and files. There should be no stacks of papers on display!

· Clean computers and monitors.

· De-clutter work desk items.

· Dust books and shelves.


· Pack items not in use- shoot for ½ of the closet space being empty.

· Neatly organize belongings.

· Minimize items on the floor.

Outdoor Areas:

· Pick up after your pets.

· Wipe down exterior of front door and entrance way. Make sure there are no cobwebs.

· Sweep deck and patio areas.

· Hose down or wipe off outdoor furniture.


· Remove or hide all unnecessary pet items.

· Clean and disinfect litter box- put in an unseen area of the house.

· Remove pet hair from furniture and floors.

More on cleaning; high impact areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should be your focus. Also pay close attention to anything your hand would touch. For example, make sure your door knobs and light switches are sparkly clean.

Cleaning for selling your house may feel like a big job. If you don’t have the time or the energy to tackle it yourself, you can hire a professional to help. Investing in cleaning will pay off!

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