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Selling a Home That Failed to Sell Series -Part 6- Not Everyone Wants to Buy Your House

Here it is folks, the hard truth about sales, not everyone wants to buy your product. What does that mean for you when selling your home?

When selling your home, we are not looking to appeal to every buyer. We are looking for the one buyer that loves your home so much that they are willing to pay market value or more for it!

Standard sales approaches to real estate is to blast your property into the market and pray that the right buyer will happen to see it. While getting more eyeballs on your listing is helpful, getting the right eyeballs on your property is the goal.

Traditional marketing isn’t always enough! A specialized and targeted approach can be the difference between sitting on the market and selling quickly for the most amount of money.

The question really is, how do we find the right buyer?

In the next chapter we will talk about the Pareto principle and how this universal rule can help bring you your ideal buyer.

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