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Selling a Home That Failed to Sell Series -Part 8-Focus on the 20%, Unique Selling Features

Have you ever fallen in love? When I fell in love with my husband, it wasn’t for 80% of his qualities! Sure, he was handsome, nice enough, was the right age and shared many of my interests. So were the many of the rest of the men in my social circle. What made me fall in love was that little bit that made him special, that made him stand out from the crowd. For me, my husband’s quirky sense of humor and his willingness to try new things, made him perfect for me!

But what does that have to do with selling my house? Buyers fall in love with a property, not because of the 80 percent of the things that makes it just like the competition. Buyers fall in love with properties and are willing to pay top dollar for them because of the properties unique selling proposition.

Let me give you a real world, personal example. My family and I recently moved into a new home. We didn’t have to move and yet I was motivated to look for a new house because of the rapid development and noise that made our outdoor space less desirable than when we had first moved in.

Having the desire of a great outdoor space in mind, I started looking at homes in the area. We needed a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a certain price point and to stay in the same school district. Over the next few months I looked at over 30 homes that met the basic criteria, but none stood out.

That is until I “fell in love.” My husband and I looked at our newly purchased home and knew that it had the one thing that we really wanted! It wasn’t the bedrooms, bathrooms or even the kitchen. What sold us was the massive deck made out of Ipa wood, the private back yard and the fenced area for our dog.

I will go even further and tell you that this was not the nicest home that we could afford. In fact, the bathroom layouts are a bit awkward, the kitchen is smaller than I would like, and many of the fixtures are dated. We knew all of these things could be fixed and were not as important as our desire for a fabulous outdoor space.


Finding your properties unique selling feature can help you to find extremely interested buyers! When we focus on what makes a property special and advertising around that, it will catch interest!

As a result, you will stop wasting time showing your property to people who just aren’t interested. Instead you will show to buyers who are motivated to purchase a home with your unique selling feature.

This could mean fewer showings that are of higher quality. More motivated buyers, less stress and ultimately a higher sale price.

It is essential to take the time to uncover your home’s most attractive and unique features. Let’s take a look at some potential unique selling features.


Every house has a unique selling feature. You probably have some in mind. Let’s take a look at a few below to get you inspired! First let’s look at some site-specific features:

· Mountain views

· Water views- creek, lake, ocean, pond, river

· A tree filled yard frequently visited by birds

· A sunset or sunrise view

· Private back yard

· Awesome deck, patio, or another outdoor feature

· Pool, hot-tub or firepit

· Fenced yard

· Outdoor kitchen

Next, let’s take a look at some Location specific unique selling features:

· Convenient location

· Close to shopping, restaurants and attractions

· Great school district

· Cul-de-sac lot

· Location in the neighborhood- think the end unit in a townhouse neighborhood

· Private

· Walking distance to schools or churches

· Proximity to a large employer

Finally, let’s explore some unique selling features inside the house:

· Gourmet kitchen with special features such as a chef’s range, quarts countertops, large island etc.

· Spa like bath rooms

· Basement

· Theater room

· Master bedroom on the main floor

· No stairs

· Private home office space

· Workshop

· Craft Room

The ideas can just go on and on! Bottom line, no two houses are exactly alike. Buyers focus on and pay more for unique features. Unique selling features can be just about anything! It just needs to set you apart from your competition.

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