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Selling a Home That Failed to Sell Series -Part 9-Stop the Scroll

If you are reading this blog post, my guess is that you have recently been on a real estate website or app. In our current world, we can look at hundreds of listed properties in our pajamas with our smart phones.

One of the goals of an effective marketing strategy is to STOP THE SCROLL! We want our property to stand out, so the buyer stops scrolling through the property listings and takes a look at our property.


We do this by starting with the best features of the property. We focus on that 20 percent. Our unique selling features.

Then we make sure that we have beautiful and compelling photography. Not taking the time to show a property in its best light, through great pictures, is a common and costly mistake that many agents make. Don’t let poor quality photos prevent your home form selling!

When we use great photos, we are putting the property’s best foot forward and stopping the scroll. In our modern time, that is only part of the strategy.


Great quality photos are not the only thing that can help your listing stand out from the crowd.

Video, showing off the best features of your home is a powerful tool that lets potential buyers experience your home before they even schedule a showing.

Virtual walk-throughs, video tours, floor plans and other digital media can also help show off our unique selling features leading to better leads and more interested, motivated buyers.


Focusing on your home’s unique selling features, right at the beginning of the description can help attract the right buyer!

Having a fantastic description of what makes your home special will help to attract more interested and motivated buyers.

Remember, all of the rest of the 80 percent of your home’s qualities are still right at the buyer’s fingertips. She will still be able to see how many bedrooms and bathrooms the home has. That just may not be your home’s unique selling feature.

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